All Aqua Quest Wood products are made from River Reclaimed logs that were harvested between 50 and 300 years ago and preserved underwater. We do not cut any trees down or use fresh cut timber for any of our products.

We have Caribbean Heartwood flooring crafted out of incredibly beautiful, hard  and durable River Reclaimed Caribbean Pine.

Pinus Caribaea is a very hard pine native to Central America. This wood takes stains and finishes very well and is really quite spectacular with an unmatched story.

Our Live Edge Slabs are available in Caribbean Pine, Genuine Honduran Mahogany, Santa Maria and Cedro Macho also known as Royal Mahogany. We can produce slabs out of select River Reclaimed logs up to 60 feet in length in any thickness up to 12″ and our Caribbean Pine slabs are perfect for very unique and durable Counter Tops, Bar Tops and Mantels.

Our flooring products can be custom manufactured up to 20′ long and 12″ wide.

We can custom cut and kiln dry our products per customer specifications and we can manufacture doors, door frames, furniture, trims and moldings, mantels, bar tops, counter tops, solid wood beams up to 60 feet long and much more.

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Live Edge Slabs

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